Mission 2020 is on!

Today saw me bite the bullet and go to see a PT.

A Personal. Trainer!

I told one of my mates last weekend – and feel a bit mean I haven’t asked her to be my PT (she’s nearly fully qualified) but my main two reasons for this are due to fact she lives quite a way off – which in itself isn’t a massive issue but time on both parts would make it harder and secondly, she’s too close to me – she’s one of my best mates and I just think it would either be brilliant or a disaster. I am going to speak to her about my running though!

Anyway. Back to why a PT. Its partly been triggered by fact I was speaking to one of my longest mates about it and how rubbish I am at keeping on top of my S&C and I need someone to keep me accountable, show me what I should be doing and challenging me to get better. I really do want to get better and stronger – I would also like some mojo back too to be quite honest! I’ve not touched my bike in weeks, my swimming isn’t as regular and let’s not talk about running. I’ve noticed a really negative effect on my mood though as a result of not training so I need a plan.

The PT is part of that plan. Build my S&C – which will underpin everything else. Sort my diet out – eating better, maybe less meat and more veggie. Try to get an exercise routine and sit and give proper consideration to what I should be doing and keep it focused. Oh and try and sleep more!

At some point I want to sit down and draw up a loose plan for the year – I’ve the second weekend of my L2 triathlon coaching course this weekend where periodisation is going to be discussed – thinking about winter I’m hoping I’ll come away with a bit better idea of how I can help myself. Alongside quizzing my mates – who are more experienced and pretty knowledgable!

I want to try and keep a better record of my training too as that’s fallen by the wayside. No waiting for January for New Years Resolutions!

Mission ‘smash Outlaw X’/generally get better is nearly all systems go!*

*until something screws up the plan!

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